That name though

Glad you asked

It’s simple, really. Van Noie, Whitcher, Silent Partner and Kammies Jr III Co. didn’t quite cut it. So we just gave it a cooler, not so famous – but just familiar enough – sounding spin. It’s called advertising.

And we’re called Sugar Ray Leonard & Partners.

The Words Are Less

When We Brag

The Do’s In Between

Using the Art of Surroundings

We’re the creatives known for giving birth to The BarstoolPlankStand.

A TV Stand we assembled, using the wooden planks we dismembered from some unfortunate tables that couldn’t fit through our office passage and our director’s third wife’s barstool, before opting to use it for the PlayStation instead, because we also discovered some cool steel cables forged in the hell fires of Midrand that only look good when they have a TV hanging from them and because things change and don’t tell us
what to do with our stuff.

Or, as we’re known on the grim streets of Jozi – a young team of designers, copywriters, directors and strategists at a new up – and – coming TTL creative agency who use their spare time effectively.

Enough about us

A Toast to the Hobosaveians

To the people who foot the wifi bill that allows us to daydream about flocks of sheep being eaten by robot – propelled – zebra’s, whilst watching our inspirational YouTube Videos.

To the people who keep us motivated to fight for the mother of all ideas before entering the dream-killer (the boardroom).

To the people who graciously give us their notes we so humbly accept, after we’ve just had two office sleepovers (in one night).

To the people who shake our hands (or give awkward side-hugs) in return for our SRL patented – we’ll make you rich AF – promise.

To that commitment. That sacrifice. That love.

To you, our clients. Thank You.

Okay, back to us

what do you wanna know

P: (+27) 76 025 1064

A: 17 Scott street, waverly, johannesburg